New Brand EKN Bolsters NUMATEC Presence in the U.S., Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America

MIAMI, FL – APRIL 14,2021 – NUMATEC, a holding company focused on media and Martech ventures across the globe, today announced the launch of EKN, a data driven omni-channel buy-side media company that provides access to digital advertising inventory for display, video, social, mobile, native and more. NUMATEC established EKN by acquiring selected assets from Eikon Digital that are focused on providing trading and technology services to agencies and clients as well as premium media representation for both the U.S. and Pan-regional markets.

EKN uses a number of leading platforms (such as DSPs, SSPs and DMPs) to help clients achieve their goals through the EKN trading desk. EKN delivers effective results through its omni-channel buying capabilities, partnerships with the largest data providers and best-in-class reporting, with solutions including:

  • Data—Data enrichment, Mapping and Privacy
  • Media—Programmatic display, Connected TV and OTT, Mobile and desktop video, Search and Social
  • Reporting—Data integration, Custom dashboards and Insights Analysis

“We are excited to form part of NUMATEC with this new identity spanning the U.S., Mexico, Caribbean and Central America,” said Rodrigo Barcenas, EKN U.S.CEO.

“Our clients are able to run campaigns in every online media channel, while executing on multiple strategies to influence consumer behavior. Best of all, our insightful reporting means
continuous optimization and unmatched insights,” added Alejandro Echeverria, country manager for EKN Mexico.

Giuliano Stiglitz, CEO of NUMATEC also added, “The creation of EKN puts NUMATEC at the forefront of marketing technology services for a whole new customer base. We are in a position to offer world class solutions to a global marketplace.

Based in Miami, FL and established in 2020, NUMATEC is a holding company that owns and operates a fast-growing portfolio of leading digital marketing tech companies in 22 countries. The company actively seeks out new opportunities to scale companies in the media and Martech industries to build the world’s premier network of service providers for today’s global brands. Uniquely positioned to offer superior service and value, NUMATEC boasts a global footprint that is unparalleled.

EKN was formed in 2020 and “provides programmatic solutions for agencies and brands who want to plan, execute and report on their digital media campaigns in U.S. and pan-regional markets. EKN leverages new technologies to design campaigns that identify the right audiences and effectively convert them across all formats, channels, and devices.

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The leading MarTech holding group with more than 300 employees in 22 countries, announced today the geographic expansion of its EKN subsidiary to Spain, Panama, Ecuador, and Colombia.

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